MusiQwik font

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Weird, Special fonts
Robert Allgeyer
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Version 4.00
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MusiQwik is a special-purpose music notation font that may be used in word processing documents or web pages. Be sure that you embed the font in your documents or re-distribute the font to those who wish to see your music.

This is MusiQwik version 3.4. It is designed to appear better when used on the web. If you already have version 3.3 installed, first remove it, then install this font. There are some small dimensional changes to the characters. This should not affect existing documents using version 3.3, unless layout was very precise.

MusicQwik is best used with a 16-column character map. There are free utilities for this purpose.

The font includes clefs, time signatures, key signatures, and a number of other staff symbols. It also includes elements for constructing notes from 1/1 to 1/8 duration, with or without accidental or dot, from pitch two ledger lines below the staff to one ledger line above it. This is sufficient for depicting the melodies of most popular songs and church hymns. The companion font, MusiQwikB, contains sixteenth notes.

Notes are organized by column, according to pitch. If your note is modified by an accidental or dot, select the modifier from the same column.

Fermatas and ties are designed to overhang the following symbol or symbols. In version 3.3 of this font, these were "zero cursor width" symbols that confused some applications. This version assigns a nonzero cursor width. You may use the hyphen (-) key to insert a tiny segment of staff, if alignment of the notes is important. Regular sections of staff are inserted using the equal (=) key.

If you are using this font in web pages or tables, be sure that word wrapping is turned off, or you staffs will break in unexpected locations.

This font looks best at 24 point size.


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